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Endless Diamond Wire Loop Saw

Diamond wire Loop with diamond wire saw is one of the flexibility cutting tool, setting the diamond crystals onto the steel surface and making one-way movement, mainly used for hard and brittle materials cutting, such as: sapphire, special ceramic materials , marble, tyre, rubber, stone, monocrystaline silicon, and polycrystalline silicon, etc.The flexible CBN and Diamond Wire from HANS will win you over with their high tensile strength, their strong grain bonding as well as the high quality of the diamond loop wire and the diamond grain. Diamond Loop/Endless Foam Wire Saw is one of the most flexible cutting tools, which can set on teh surface of diamond crystals. While cutting, the diamond wire will move from one direction with the speed from 30-60 m/s. It will give users the great advantages. 
Due to the above advantages, the market shares of diamond wires are getting bigger and bigger, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider.As many of our clients can testify, Hans Service and Support gives us the edge in our solutions.Whatever your requirements, We will be there for your immediate and long term needs.Professional Services & Consulting Tailored to Your Business.

 Diamond Multi Strands Segements Wire Saw