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Diamond Point Bur

Diamond V Wheel Shape Bur
Diamond Tapered Cylinder Bur
Diamond Cylinder Head bur
Diamond Tapered Rounded Cylinder Bur
Diamond Flat Disc Head Bur
Diamond Flame Head Bur
Diamond Pointed Bur
Diamond Tapered Inverted Cylinder Bur
Diamod Tapered Inverted Cone Bur
Diamond Tapered Inverted Bur
Diamond Bullet Bur
Diamond Ball Bur

Shape, grind and finish with precision! These high-quality, long-wearing diamond burs offer the hardness of diamond plated over steel to provide uniform cutting on a wide variety of materials. Electroplated Diamond burs and Sintered Diamond burs are used for precise drilling and finishing and for grinding where material removal is not a concern. Diamond burs produce cleaner cuts and a higher polish than carbide burs. When choosing a diamond bur, consider its grit. The diamond bur's grit determines the speed and type of polish. Diamond burs with finer grits achieve a higher polish and finish while diamond burs with coarser grits are suited for heavy material removal. Diamond burs are either standard or disposable. Standard diamond burs are reusable and should be sharpened and sterilized before use in another procedure. Disposable diamond burs are designed for single use and should not be reused in another procedure.

Electroplated Ball Diamond Bur

Electroplated Bullet Diamond Bur

Electroplated Cylinder Diamond Bur

Electroplated Diamond V-Wheels

Electroplated Flame Diamond Bur

Electroplated Flat Disc Diamond Bur

Electroplated Tapered Cylinder Diamond Bur

Electroplated Tapered Inverted Diamond Bur

Electroplated Tapered Inverted Cone Diamond Bur

Electroplated Tapered Inverted Cylinder Diamond Bur

Electroplated Tapered Rounded Cylinder Diamond Bur

Electroplated Pointed Diamond Bur


Electroplated Diamond Conical Countersink Drill Bit