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Lapidary Faceting Head Mast Arm

Lapidary Gemstone Jade Jewelry tools Faceting Machine Arms Gemstone faceting mechanical arm Head gemstone polishing arm:gem Faceting Machine Grinding Faceted manipulator Head jewels playing angle flat mill polishing stone angles 96 index wheels handle , it is complete set as below first picture, option is for choosen the degree.

New Faceting Machine Mast, We Assembly with course and fine height adjustment and 96 index. The mast is 11" tall and the quill assembly is 7 1/4 inches long and accepts 6mm dop sticks. Many thousands of stones are cut commercially every day with this type of heavy duty and easy to use machine. This is the machine that is used to cut the better quality commercial stones.

For commercial production cutting or hobby faceting or that graduation gift for your daughter and the anniversary gift for the wife this is a great affordable machine.This machine does not come with a motor or base, it requires your motorized base.

Lapidary and Faceting Equipment.png
Lapidary and Faceting Equipments.png
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