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Sintred Diamond Grinding Wheel

Metal Boned and Sintered Diamond Wheels was a Professional Grade Wheels for Vertical Cabbing Machines,It has a Full 5mm deep diamond matrix exposes new cutting points as the wheels are used.Sintered wheels can be dressed to expose additional crystals for a more agressive cut, but dressing is not always needed if you follow a "side to side" pattern when grinding to ensure even wear. Dynamic balancing at the factory ensures concentricity for smooth and quiet grinding.Generally order one grit size larger for sintered diamond tools as compared to plated or brazed parts.It has a 1" arbor comes with bushings to adapt to 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4 inch shafts. Available in a variety of grits and sizes.

When you've got to make more cabs than you can count, it's time to go lapidary glass sintered diamond grinding wheels. The longest lasting wheels on the market today, with a full 5 mm of diamond matrix, and solid aluminum cores; you won't believe how long these wheels last. Sintered wheels will also cut just as aggressively on the first cab as the last. If you haven't used sintered wheels before, we recommend you order one Grit size larger for sintered diamond tools as compared to plated or brazed parts. Reducer rings available to fit most machines. all wheel arbor is 1" comes with reducing bushing in 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2". Available in a variety of Grits and sizes.

Diameter: 4inch 6inch and 8inch.

Diamond Mesh:  60 80 100 180 220 360 600

Lapidary Sintered Diamond Wheel
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