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Electroplated Diamond Abarsive Tools

We are  a professional super hard materials and products Manufacturer . We specialized in the design, production, testing and sales of a wide range of products Founded in 2007 ,Our leading products include Our metal bonded,CBN and Electroplated diamond tool is widely used for  Metallography, Industrial Superfinishing, Fiber Optic Termination Polishing and Microfinishing Products such as Drilling,Grinding,Polishing and Sharpening tool and machine for jewelry, crystal, ceramic, glass, Fiber Optic hard metal and other materials processing.Now we also made self-owned brand Goods,for examples. glass,lapidary,Ceramic and others home&garden. 

Diamond Hubless Dicing Blade
Diamond Channel Faceting Laps.jpg
Diamond Sharpening Stone
Replacements Band Saw Blade
Diamond Grinder Head Bits
Lapidary Saw Blade
Diamond Coarse Cutting Saw
Lapidary Diamond Drill Bits
Diamond Roller Dressers
Diamond convex carving wheel
Diamond V Shape Wheel
Diamond Steel Flat Wheel
Diamond Sharpening Wheel
Diamond Flat Hard Wheels
Diamond Coated Concave Grinding Wheels
Diamond U Shape Wheel
Diamond Spherical Grinding Wheel
Diamond Hard Plastic Hub Textured Grinding Wheel
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