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CBN Diamond Wheel for Knife Sharpening

Grinding wheels for sharpening woodturning tools,CBN Wheel for Knife Sharpening are ideal for knife grinding, saw grinding, edge grinding and surface grinding. They can be manufactured with diamond powder, CBN powder or a mixture of the two. wheel is perfect for tool and cutter grinding, off hand grinding, face grinding and top grinding. The diamond sharpening wheel can feature phenol, polyimide, hybrid or electro-chemical bonds, and sizes range from 2” – 16” in diameter.These wheels are factory balanced, which makes grinders run very smooth. The grinding wheels have 1 1/2" face to use, they don't need any dressing therefore you won't have the mess of truing wheels or breathing the dust related to dressing wheels. There is no bluing of the steel, as these grinding wheels put very little heat into the tool. In a normal sharpening, you can still touch the end of the tool. You may have noticed in the pictures of the grinders, the guards have been removed. You can remove the guards with these wheels because there is no chance of them blowing up. A precision wheel featuring a seamless all steel wheel with a smooth uniform coating of 600 mesh diamond.Radiused surface fits conventional and hawkbill style blades! Perfect for Mexican and Filipino style knives. Can be used wet or dry.

Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheel
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