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Electroplated Diamond Tools

HANS electroplated bonds mechanically entrap diamond particles on the tool. There are several advantages to electroplated technology:

  • The ability to manufacture tight-tolerance forms.

  • Lower initial cost, compared to vitrified, resin and metal bonded superabrasive wheels.

  • Freer cutting, resulting in higher material removal rates, less power required and reduced thermal damage to the workpiece.

  • The ability to hold form or profile from first to last cut.

  • Elimination of time associated with dressing.

  • The ability to strip and replate the core.

Recommends precision plated products for grinding in creep feed or high speed grinding applications, such as nickel-based superalloys, engineered ceramics, cobalt-based superalloys, ferrous alloys, W C (finishing operations) and tungsten carbide.

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