​Diamond Emery Strips Cloth Tape For Lafer Textiles Raising Sueding Machine

Diamond Emery Strip,Cloth and Tapes has a Single layer strip resists heat and prevents stretching Precise diamond pellet placement and concentration for best swarf removal and cool performance can be fitted to any vertical, horizontal, or drum sueding industry machines.Precise space diamond pellet placement and concentration for best swarf removal and cool performance Reduces down time , increase in throughput. Produces a perfect finish and eliminates fiber strain from build up reduces down time for up to 25% increase in throughput increase tool life produces a perfect finish and eliminates fiber strain.Seamless diamond abrasive strips and Diamond Paper for Fabric Sueding Machine( LAFER / CARU /UNITECH ) ,also textile sueding eliminate breakage at the seam, allowing for continuous textile sueding production without interruption for strip replacement. Strips will completely wear before needing replaced, resulting in increased, predictable performance and production. There are many machinery types for which we can fit our diamond sueding abrasives. The machinery names are, in alphabetical order: Broma, Caru, Comet Unitec, Curtin-Hebert, Danti Paolo, Haining, HAS Lafer-Turk, Lafer, Lamperti, Lisa, Mario Crosta, MCS, Memnum, Sanwa, Sperotto, Sucker Muller, Xetma. The Emery Paper / Diamond Paper for Fabric Sueding Machine ( LAFER / CARU /UNITECH ).

 are able to peach woven, knitted and warp-knitted fabrics from 80 – 500 gsm. Strips and sheets can be supplied for trapezoid machines or in lengths up to 20 meters.Suitable sizes available for all horizontal, vertical or tambour diamond peaching machines.Wet Emerizing Single Trapezoid, Double Trapezoid available Standard widths of 1900 or 2800 mm.
3:"x 264" 600Grit (with joint or without joint)
3 "x 264" 400Grit (with joint or without joint)
3 "x 264" 220Grit (with joint or without joint)
1900mm x 230mm 600Grit (without joint)
1900mm x 230mm 400Grit (without joint)
1900mm x 230mm 220Grit (without joint)
- the Emery Paper is well mixed 
- durable and long life
- reduce time for stopping the machine 
- can be tailor made for your own size!
Superabrasive sueding advantages: 
- Available Grits: 220, 400, 600, 
- Available Sizes: 3"x264" and 75mm x 6900mm and 100mmx100000mm and 1900mm x 230mm
- Compatible with all leading machines, both wet and dry use. 
Fitting: Any Vertical, Horizontal, or Drum machines 

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