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Lapidary Cabbing Grinder

If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby and have a knack for collecting pretty stones, why not try out lapidary? Lapidary is the art of shaping, cutting, and making jewelry out of semiprecious or precious gemstones. 

Dealing with gemstones involves a lot of tools, so before dipping your toes into lapidary waters, you need to be familiar with the needed equipment. We prepared a guide of the best lapidary equipment for beginners, as well as all necessary accessories and tools.

Our Cabbing Grinder Machine made by Hans with 5/8" and 3/4"shafts and ball bearing,220V/110V,The RPM 1500-1800. A lapidary machine adapted to produce cabochon shaped gem stones or the like; the machine having a powered rotary grinding wheel provided with a contoured in cross section annular grinding surface adapted to grind peripheries of cabochon shaped gem stones; a powered rotary dop holding shaft structure adapted rotatably to carry a dop supported gem stone in contact with said annular grinding surface; said shaft structure axially parallel to and laterally movable relative to the rotary axis of said grinding wheel, said shaft structure having a generally oval shaped cam thereon; a normally stationary idler roller having a periphery engagable by said cam and means for adjusting the position of the periphery of said idler roller in directions laterally relative to the rotary axis of said shaft structure in order to progressively cut peripheries of stones down and to produce cabochon shaped stones of various overall sizes.

8 inch Lapidary  Cabbing Grinder
Lapidary Arbor
Lapidary Rock Grinder Polisher

Trim Saw

Saws can be used to cut both glass and stone, as well as tile and other materials. It is important to know what kind of material you will be cutting when choosing a saw. We offer a variety of saws with blades designed specifically for cutting glass.

We also have ring saws that cut a variety of materials. The advantage of the ring saws is that they can cut forwards and backwards, as well make curved cuts, depending on the blades used.

10 Lapidary Saw
Best Lapidary slab saw
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