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Diamond Flexible Abrasive Belts

Flexible Diamond Sanding Belts

Flexible Diamond Electroplating Abrasive Belts are nickel-plated as a binder and are made from diamond powder. Electroplated Flexible Diamond Sanding  Belts consist of a backing material, a metal base, and an array of diamond coatings. The backing material and the flexible metal substrate are bonded to form a ring-shaped super-hard coated abrasive. As a result of special stainless steel, double-layer backing and selected high-quality diamonds, our flexible diamond belt a very fast chip, the chip minimum, very long lifetime to achieve good tempering results, it can be done all the games. Our flexible diamond belt is widely used in wet and polishing applications in the aerospace, ceramics, glass, paper and stone industries. The advantages are consistency, increased productivity, reduced downtime and wear costs. The average life expectancy of our diamond abrasives is 1,000 times longer than that of conventional abrasives compared to conventional abrasives. Most sizes are available for many applications on hand-held or robotic machines and all sizes are available or can be made as a fit-to-hand, cross belt and robotic machine.

1.1 Compared with ordinary abrasive belt

Flexible diamond abrasive sanding belt has the characteristics of hardness of superhard material and the softness of the coated abrasive. The working layers is arranged, making the gap between the small units of the working layer larger, there will be a bigger chip removing space, it is good for cooling, improving the processing quality, flexible of sanding belt and chip removal capacity. It is low noise and little dust when using.


1.2 Compared with diamond grinding wheels

Diamond grinding wheel is a rigid abrasive tool. In the grinding process, there are not good self-sharpening and easy to chip . Especially when automotive wind safety glass and other material need to be processed as curved surface of hard and brittle materials, if use flexible diamond sanding belt can improve the grinding feed rate and working efficiency. And effectively solve the problem of glass chipping and maintain the original shape of the surface very good.


1.3 Compared with Resin bonded amond sanding belt

Resin bonded diamond sanding belt has resin bonded, also has double advantages of softness of a traditional coated abrasive and high hardness of the diamond. But when grinding, the heat will be accumulated in the diamond, it the heat will not be derived immediately, the temperature will be increased immediately, resulting the bond agent melting, the diamond will fall, and the service life is short. So Diamond Sanding Belts lapidary must grind by adding water to cooling, and the cost-effective of that is worse than electroplated diamond abrasive sanding belt.

Application of Diamond Electroplated Abrasive Sanding Belt

diamond lapidary belts can be widely used in stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic materials, hard alloy, aluminum alloy and other hard and brittle material complex surface grinding processing.

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