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Diamond ID Dicing Blades

ID saw blades were initially used primarily for slicing germanium and silicon semiconductor materials. A majority of ID saw blades are still used to process these materials. Now a broader set of materials such as GGG, samarium-cobalt, sapphire, magnetic irons, gallium arsenide/phosphide, and quartz are sliced using ID saw technology.

  • Nifec I.D. blades are custom designed with a unique cutting edge specific to the customers needs.

  • We pay close attention to the needs of the customer with the material they are cropping/cutting and adjust parameters accordingly.

  • Parameters such as C (core thickness), K (kerf thickness), and D (diamond depth) are customer specific.


  • We source only the highest quality raw materials for our I.D. blades.

  • We employ some of the strictest tolerances in the industry to ensure a consistent product.

  • We supply all major sizes in the industry, including but not limited to these 

Flange for Hubless Dicing Blades
Diamond Hub Dicing Blade
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