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Lapidary Grinder and Saw

Typically, a cabbing machine has an array of six grinding and polishing wheels arranged next to each other on a long shaft. The shaft may be directly attached to a motor or it may be mounted on bearings and attached to a belt and pulley drive. The abrasive surface is on the cylindrical perimeter of the wheels.

Each wheel on the shaft employs a different mesh size abrasive and the wheels progress incrementally from coarse for shaping to medium for smoothing to fine and extra fine for polishing. A water drip system or splashing system keeps the wheels wet and a shroud catches water flung from the wheels as they spin.

The coarse grinding wheels are often metal with diamond grit either sintered or electroplated to the grinding surface. The fine abrasive wheels are often composite materials with some cushion and the grit is bonded to the grinding/polishing surface with resin. Sometimes a leather disk charged with polishing compound such as cerium oxide is mounted on the end of the machine for a final buffing finish.

Our 6inch 8inch Lapidary Combination Unit Cabbing Grinder Polisher Machine with 1"stainless steel shafts and ball earings,7pcs Aluminums Spacers and Flanges and locknut It also has a 3/4HP Thermal protected ball bearing motor, the Hood process by 304 stainless steel.The Cover has two U-Slot for easy remove. We also can supply a adjustable drip water system with 8 shut off valves for each wheel. The shaft is tapped for a ¼-20 spin-on polish head at right ends and tapped for a 1/2” Aluminum lap or Diamond Facet Laps at left ends. Accepts silicon carbide or diamond wheels or rubber expandable drums.

Lapidary Cabbing Grinder Polisher Unit

Not all rocks and gemstones are sized equally, so when it comes to cutting your rock collection, there are two types of saws you’ll need; a trim saw and a slab saw.

A trim saw has a small, thin blade, that is made for cutting small stones into smaller chunks, or for creating a flat edge for a cabochon. Hi-Tech’s Diamond Trim Saw is a good starter option.

A slab saw has a larger and thicker blade, making it suitable for trimming down rough rock slabs, or large stones that won’t fit into a trim saw. This slab saw option has a vise to help you trim the rock safely.

Hans offer Lapidary Trim Saws and Slab Saws for sale at competitive prices,Trim or slab saw for cutting and slicing the smallest to the largest rocks and glass piece.A good trim saw is a basic piece of equipment for every glass and lapidary artist. Whether you are going to make a cabochon, a flat specimen for mounting, a faceted stone, or slicing glass for a unique piece, you will want to reduce your material to a workable, and approximate shape before proceeding to the grinding, sanding and polishing operations. It is fundamental that the trim saw be extremely sturdy, that the saw arbor be mounted with precision and the bearings sealed against intrusion of abrasive waste. It is essential to have ample cutting deck space and a tank that is easily cleaned.

8inch Lapidary Trim Saw
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