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Resind Bonded Products

HANS Resin bonded wheel consists of a hard plastic hub with a layer of foam between the hub and belt. This wheel performs aggressively, with a slight drape to eliminate scratching and flat spots. It is a value packed alternative to other wheels on the market. They are excellent for sanding and polishing and produce excellent finishes with a high concentration of diamond. Flex wheels are excellent for coarse sanding and polishing gemstones and are a fine solution for the machine tool industry for coarse sanding and polishing carbide tools.

Diamond Belts For Expanding Drums is resin bonded giving a nice smooth finish, especially after working a few stones. Our professional people tell us they are the longest lasting belts they have ever used. In fact, under normal use, our belts will last 50 to 100 times longer than silicon carbide abrasives! Of course, we back these belts with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Smoothing pads come in various colors that correspond to various grits. You will rarely need all these grits and for most processes 325 grit is more than sufficient to move from an electroplated 270 or 325 grit to a final polish with cerium. The Black 100 grit and Purple 220 grit are excellent for working larger surface areas for a pre-polish and the Red 600 grit and Blue 1200 grit work well for smaller precise pieces like scientific glass, silicon wafer, and lapidary.

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