Hans is a professional super hard materials and products Manufacturer in China. We specialized in the design, production, testing and sales of a wide range of products Founded in 2007 ,Our leading products include Our metal bonded,CBN and Electroplated diamond tool is widely used for Metallography, Industrial Superfinishing, Fiber Optic Termination Polishing and Microfinishing Products such as DRILLING,GRINDING,POLISHING and SHARPENING tool and machine for jewelry, crystal, ceramic, glass, Fiber Optic hard metal and other materials processing. Our list of custom-solution success stories continues to grow. In fact, we've developed new parts and methods for every industry we serve. In the process, we've earned a reputation for being able to solve the toughest superabrasive tooling challenges. Best of all, these solutions go beyond simply fixing a problem or designing a new method. We make sure that the work we do improves your bottom line. The next time you're faced with a problem, consult with one of our Customer Service Associates. We look forward to creating custom solutions that will enhance your productivity.

Please contact us via WhatsApp 13805339219

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Hans Diamond Abrasive Materials Co.,Ltd    Add:111th Liuquan Road Zibo Shandong China 255000  Tel/Fax:0086 533 3184412


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