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Precision Diamond Loop and Endless Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw Loop
Diamond Wire Loop

Diamond Loop Wire Saw is an incredibly versatile cutting tool that can be used on the surface of diamond crystals. With a cutting speed of 30-60 m/s, this tool offers users numerous advantages. It is commonly used for cutting hard surfaces such as rubber machines, as well as a range of materials including artificial crystal (sapphire, silicon), special ceramics, precious metals, graphite, plastics, and brittle materials. It is also used in research fields such as geology, archaeology, architecture, and biology.
Diamond Loop Wire Saw is available in two diameters. The 0.5-1.0mm diameter is used for cutting artificial crystal, gems, ceramics, and precious metals. The 1.0-3mm diameter is used for cutting graphite, plastic, rubber, concrete, fiberglass, and foamed cement.
The specifications of Diamond Loop Wire Saw are impressive. It offers high efficiency cutting at a speed of 30-60 m/s. It comes in diameters ranging from 0.3-3.0mm and lengths from 800-100000mm, making it compatible with popular machines in the current market. It can be used in both wet and dry environments and can be customized to cut in various directions, including curved surfaces. Additionally, operation and replacement of the diamond wire are simple and convenient.
Diamond Loop Wire Saw is commonly used for tire section cutting machines and is available in both wet and dry environments. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal cutting tool for a wide range of applications. With its precision cutting capabilities, it is a popular choice for those in the research field. Whether you are cutting hard surfaces, brittle materials, or precious metals, Diamond Loop Wire Saw is a reliable and efficient cutting tool that delivers exceptional results.

Diverse Applications, Limitless Capabilities:

The Diamond Loop Wire Saw's two diameters offer tailored solutions to an array of applications. The 0.5-1.0mm diameter caters to cutting artificial crystals, gems, ceramics, and precious metals. Meanwhile, the 1.0-3mm diameter steps in for cutting graphite, plastics, rubber, concrete, fiberglass, and foamed cement.

Impressive Specifications:

The specifications of the Diamond Loop Wire Saw are nothing short of impressive. It harnesses high-efficiency cutting at a speed range of 30 to 60 m/s. With diameters spanning from 0.3 to 3.0mm and lengths from 800 to 100000mm, it seamlessly aligns with prevalent machines in the current market. Its adaptability extends to both wet and dry environments, and its cutting direction can be customized, even accommodating curved surfaces. Furthermore, operating and replacing the diamond wire are straightforward and hassle-free.

A Tool for Every Need:

The Diamond Loop Wire Saw finds common use in tire section cutting machines, functioning seamlessly in both wet and dry environments. Its adaptability and user-friendly design render it an unparalleled cutting tool for a wide spectrum of applications. It earns a rightful place in research fields for its precision cutting capabilities. Whether you're dealing with rigid surfaces, brittle materials, or precious metals, the Diamond Loop Wire Saw stands as a reliable and efficient cutting companion, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Specifications at a Glance:

  1. Efficient Cutting: Speeds ranging from 30 to 60 m/s, ensuring rapid and accurate cuts.

  2. Diameter Options: Choose from diameters of 0.3 to 3.0 mm, accommodating varying needs.

  3. Length Flexibility: Available in lengths from 800 to 100000 mm, catering to diverse requirements and popular machinery.

  4. Environment Versatility: Equally effective in both wet and dry environments, enhancing its applicability.

  5. Cutting Directions: Customizable to meet specific cutting direction requirements, even on curved surfaces.

  6. Operation and Replacement: Seamless and convenient, the Diamond Loop Wire Saw's operation and replacement redefine ease of use.

Embrace Precision, Embrace Results:

Whether for complex projects or intricate research, the Diamond Loop Wire Saw is a cutting-edge companion, ensuring your endeavors meet the highest standards of excellence. Experience cutting like never before with HANS Inc.'s cutting tools that redefine possibilities.

Types of Diamond Loop Wire Saws:

  1. Continuous Loop Diamond Wire Saw:

    • This type of wire saw consists of a continuous loop of diamond-embedded wire.

    • The wire is threaded through a set of pulleys or guides to create a cutting path.

    • Continuous loop wire saws are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

  2. Segment Endless Loop Diamond Wire Saw:

    • Segmented Design: The wire of a segments diamond wire loop saw is interrupted by regularly spaced diamond segments or beads. Each segment contains diamond abrasive material for cutting.

    • Precision Cutting: This segmented design allows for precise and controlled cutting of materials, making it suitable for applications where accuracy is crucial.

    • Reduced Friction: The spaces between segments reduce friction between the wire and the material being cut, which can help prevent overheating and reduce wear on the wire.

    • Clean Cuts: Segments diamond wire loop saws create clean and smooth cuts with minimal chipping or material loss.

    • Versatility: These wire saws are versatile and can be used to cut a wide range of hard and brittle materials, including stone, glass, ceramics, and semiconductor materials.

    • Durable: The diamond segments are highly durable and provide long-lasting cutting performance.

Key Features of Diamond Loop Wire Saws:

  1. Diamond-Coated Wire: Diamond loop wire saws use wire coated or embedded with diamond particles. Diamonds are known for their hardness and cutting efficiency, making them ideal for cutting hard materials.

  2. High Precision: These wire saws offer exceptional precision, allowing for intricate cuts and shaping of materials.

  3. Clean Cuts: Diamond wire saws create clean and smooth cuts, reducing the need for additional finishing or polishing.

  4. Versatility: They can be used for cutting a wide variety of materials, including glass, stone, ceramics, semiconductor materials, and more.

  5. Minimal Material Loss: The thin wire used in these saws results in minimal material loss during cutting, which is important for conserving valuable materials.

  6. Reduced Heat Generation: Diamond wire saws generate less heat during cutting compared to some other cutting methods, reducing the risk of thermal damage to the material.

  7. Low Vibration: These saws typically produce low levels of vibration, which contributes to cutting accuracy.

Applications of Diamond Loop Wire Saws:

  1. Stone Cutting: Diamond loop wire saws are commonly used in the stone industry for cutting and shaping granite, marble, and other natural stones. They are instrumental in creating slabs and intricate designs.

  2. Glass Cutting: They are used for precision glass cutting in the production of glass panels, windows, and glass components.

  3. Ceramic Cutting: Diamond loop wire saws are employed in ceramic manufacturing for cutting tiles, bricks, and other ceramic materials.

  4. Semiconductor Industry: In the semiconductor industry, these wire saws are used for cutting silicon wafers and other semiconductor materials with high precision.

  5. Composite Materials: They are used for cutting composite materials in industries like aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

  6. Art and Sculpture: Artists and sculptors use diamond loop wire saws to create intricate designs and sculptures from various materials.

  7. Research and Development: Diamond wire saws are valuable tools in research and development laboratories for cutting and preparing samples for analysis.

Diamond loop wire saws are known for their precision and versatility, making them a valuable tool in industries that require precise cutting of hard and brittle materials. The choice of wire saw type and specifications depends on the specific application and material being cut.


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