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Resin  Diamond Dome and  Cone

Our Resin Diamond Smoothing Cones are specially designed for the polishing and smoothing of delicate and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, crystals, and other super-hard materials. These Cones feature a 60-degree included angle and are ideal for creating slight bevels or pre-polishing larger bevels from electroplated diamond cones on the inside lips of open-ended glass vessels. With multiple mounting and threading options available, you can choose the best method for your specific application. Whether you need to grind slight bevels or pre-polish bevels created with electroplated diamond cones, our Resin Diamond Smoothing Cones are the perfect choice. So, order now and experience the outstanding performance of our Resin Diamond Smoothing Cones!

Key Features:

  • Specifically crafted for glass, ceramics, crystals, and super-hard materials.

  • 60-degree included angle for versatile bevel creation.

  • Perfect for refining and pre-polishing work initiated by electroplated diamond cones.

  • Ideal for detailed applications on open-ended glass vessels.

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