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Seamless Diamond Strips for Textile Sueding


Elevate your textile sueding capabilities with our Seamless Diamond Strips, designed to deliver superior results in sueding applications. Available in sizes such as 6000x75mm and 9600x150mm, these strips offer exceptional durability and precision, enabling precise sueding of various fabrics with ease.

Our Diamond Emery Strip, Cloth, and Tapes are designed to provide a superior sueding experience for the textile industry. With precise diamond pellet placement and concentration, our products offer the best swarf removal and cool performance. The single layer strip resists heat and prevents stretching, ensuring a longer lifespan for your machinery.

Our LAFER Diamond Emery Paper and Seamless Diamond strip s are specifically designed for Fabric Sueding machines, such as LAFER, CARU, and UNITECH. With our Diamond abrasive strip s and paper, you can eliminate breakage at the seam, allowing for continuous production without interruption for strip replacement. Our strips will completely wear before needing replacement, resulting in increased, predictable performance and production.

Our products are suitable for all horizontal, vertical, or tambour Diamond peaching machines. They are able to peach woven, knitted, and warp-knitted fabrics from 80 – 500 gsm. Wet Emerizing Single Trapezoid, Double Trapezoid is available, with standard widths of 1900 or 2800 mm.

Our Diamond Emery machines  are capable of producing a soft nap on the surface of a skin, resulting in a soft garment leather known as "suede". It reduces downtime, increases throughput, and produces a perfect finish while eliminating fiber strain from build-up. Our machine is compatible with any vertical, horizontal, or drum sueding industry machines.

We offer a wide range of Machinery types for which we can fit our diamond sueding abrasives, including Broma, Comet Unitec, Curtin-Hebert, Danti Paolo, Haining, HAS Lafer-Turk, Lafer, Lamperti, Lisa, Mario Crosta, MCS, Memnum, Sanwa, Sperotto, Sucker Muller, and Xetma.

In summary, our Diamond Emery strip , Cloth, and Tapes, along with our  LAFER Diamond Emery Paper and Seamless Diamond strips, offer the best in swarf removal and cool performance for the textile industry. Our products are compatible with a wide range of machinery types and are designed to reduce downtime and increase throughput while producing a perfect finish.



3"x270" (75mm x 6900mm)Means 350 mm from both the ends without diamond coating


3"x264" (75mm x 6700mm)200 mm from both the ends without diamond coating


75mmx50000mm Tapes


50mmx400000mm Tapes




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Q: What are Seamless Diamond Strips for Textile Sueding?
Seamless diamond strips for textile sueding are specialized abrasive strips used in the textile industry for sueding or brushing fabric surfaces. These strips feature a continuous diamond coating along their surface, providing excellent abrasion for achieving desired fabric textures.
Q: What are the benefits of using Seamless Diamond Strips for Textile Sueding?
Some advantages of using seamless diamond strips include: Consistent sueding performance: The continuous diamond coating ensures uniform abrasion across the fabric surface. Long-lasting durability: Diamond abrasives are known for their hardness and wear resistance, resulting in extended strip lifespan. Enhanced fabric quality: The sueding process creates a soft, luxurious texture on fabrics, improving their overall appearance and feel. Increased productivity: Seamless diamond strips can suede fabrics efficiently, contributing to faster production rates in textile manufacturing.
Q: Are Seamless Diamond Strips compatible with all sueding machines?
While seamless diamond strips are designed to be compatible with most sueding machines, it's essential to ensure that the strip dimensions and mounting method align with the specific machine requirements. Customization options may be available to accommodate different machine configurations.
Q: How do Seamless Diamond Strips work?
The seamless diamond strips are mounted on sueding machines where they come into contact with fabric surfaces. As the fabric passes through the machine, the diamond-coated strips abrade the surface, creating a soft, suede-like texture by raising the nap or fibers of the fabric.
Q:Which types of fabrics are suitable for sueding with Seamless Diamond Strips?
Seamless diamond strips can be used for sueding various types of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, wool, blends, and synthetic materials. They are particularly effective for sueding fabrics with longer fibers or nap, such as velvet, fleece, and flannel.
Q :How should Seamless Diamond Strips be maintained?
Proper maintenance of seamless diamond strips involves regular cleaning to remove fabric debris and abrasive buildup. Additionally, inspecting the strips for wear and replacing them when necessary ensures optimal sueding performance and fabric quality.
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