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Electroplated Diamond Tools

Leading the Way in Industry Tools: HANS Inc. Unveils Advanced Technology

Electroplated Super Abrasive Diamond Tool

At HANS Inc., we're not just keeping pace; we're defining the future of tools for stone, lapidary, glass, and various industries. Our journey is one of innovation, where we harness cutting-edge technologies such as electroplated, resin-coated, metal bonded, and CBN techniques. Through these methods, we ingeniously embed diamond particles onto our tools, ushering in new paradigms of excellence. With a legacy spanning over three decades, our steadfast commitment has positioned us as the preeminent destination for Bonded, Coated, and Superabrasive products. Our reputation is rooted in timely deliveries, coupled with customized solutions catering to your unique abrasive needs.

Advantages of Electroplated, Metal Bonded, Resin Coated, and CBN Technology:

Our approach champions precision and innovation, delivering a multitude of advantages that set us apart:

- Unsurpassed Precision:Our technologies redefine precision, ensuring meticulous and accurate outcomes across diverse applications.
- Cost-Effectiveness:** Embracing these technologies offers a cost-effective solution, maximizing your investment returns.

- Efficient Cutting:** Our tools are meticulously designed for efficient cutting, reducing processing times and elevating productivity.

- Lower Power Consumption:By leveraging advanced technologies, we optimize power consumption without compromising performance.

- Minimal Thermal Damage:These techniques minimize thermal damage to workpieces, preserving the integrity of materials.

- Consistent Performance:Our tools maintain unwavering performance from the inaugural cut to the last.

- Reusability:** Electroplated, metal bonded, resin coated, and CBN tools can be re-used, delivering sustainable benefits.

Precision Plated, Resin Coated, Metal Bonded, and CBN Products for Diverse Applications:

Our comprehensive portfolio of precision plated, resin coated, metal bonded, and CBN products caters to a broad spectrum of applications:

- Lapidary Work:From raw gemstones to exquisite masterpieces, our tools ensure precision in lapidary artistry.

- Glass Crafting:Achieve impeccable glass cuts for artistic creations and industrial applications alike.

- Customized Solutions: Our tools are more than products; they're bespoke solutions, tailored to your industry's unique demands.

Elevating Standards of Excellence:

- Precision, Efficiency, and Durability:** Our tools redefine precision while guaranteeing unmatched efficiency and unrivaled durability.

- Custom Solutions:We're not just suppliers; we're your partners in innovation. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific abrasive requirements, driving your success.

- Partner in Progress:With HANS Inc., you're not alone. Our personalized customer service and support are designed to ensure your ventures flourish.

Elevate Your Abrasive Processes with HANS Inc.:

Join us in shaping the future of tools for stone, lapidary, glass, and beyond. HANS Inc. is your portal to tools that redefine precision, efficiency, and excellence. From electroplated to metal bonded, resin coated to CBN, our technologies are poised to elevate your abrasive operations. Trust in our legacy of excellence, innovation, and punctual delivery to propel your ventures to new heights.

Choose HANS Inc. for Excellence:

Embark on a journey of excellence with us. HANS Inc. is the gateway to cutting-edge tools that redefine industry standards. Whether it's stone, crystal, lapidary, glass, or more, we're here to elevate your abrasive processes into a realm of mastery. Trust in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and on-time delivery as we journey together towards a future of unparalleled achievements.

Types of Electroplated Diamond Tools:

  1. Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels:

    • These wheels are used for precision grinding and shaping of hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, and tungsten carbide.

    • They are available in various profiles and dimensions to suit specific grinding needs.

  2. Electroplated Diamond Cutting Blades:

    • Cutting blades are used for precise cutting of materials like glass, ceramic tiles, and composite materials.

    • They come in different shapes and sizes, including continuous rim and segmented rim blades.

  3. Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points:

    • Mounted points are small, cylindrical tools used for detailed grinding and shaping in hard-to-reach areas.

    • They are commonly used in metalworking and tool and die making.

  4. Electroplated Diamond Core Drills:

    • Core drills are designed for drilling precise holes in hard and brittle materials, including glass, ceramics, and tiles.

    • They are available in various diameters and lengths.

  5. Electroplated Diamond Router Bits:

    • Router bits are used in woodworking and stone fabrication for profiling and edging tasks.

    • They come in a variety of profiles for different edge designs.

Key Features of Electroplated Diamond Tools:

  1. Precision: Electroplated tools offer exceptional precision and control, making them ideal for intricate and detailed work.

  2. Versatility: They can be used on a wide range of materials, including hard and brittle ones like glass and ceramics.

  3. Longevity: Electroplated diamond grit is securely bonded to the tool's surface, ensuring a longer lifespan and minimal wear.

  4. Smooth Cutting and Grinding: These tools provide smooth and precise cutting or grinding, resulting in high-quality finishes.

  5. Cooler Operation: Electroplated tools tend to generate less heat during use, reducing the risk of material damage or overheating.

Applications of Electroplated Diamond Tools:

  1. Glass and Ceramics: Electroplated diamond tools are extensively used in the glass and ceramics industry for cutting, grinding, drilling, and shaping glass, ceramics, and porcelain.

  2. Tile Installation: Tile installers use electroplated diamond blades for precise and chip-free cutting of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

  3. Stone Fabrication: These tools find applications in stone fabrication for profiling and shaping granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces.

  4. Metalworking: Electroplated diamond mounted points are used for grinding and shaping intricate metal components.

  5. Woodworking: Router bits are employed in woodworking for profiling and edging tasks on wood and composite materials.

  6. Aerospace and Engineering: Precision cutting and shaping of hard and brittle materials are essential in aerospace and engineering applications, where electroplated tools play a crucial role.

  7. Jewelry Making: Jewelers use electroplated diamond tools for precision cutting and shaping of gemstones and metals in jewelry production.

  8. Composite Materials: These tools are used in the fabrication of composite materials used in various industries, including aerospace and automotive.

Electroplated diamond tools are favored for their ability to provide precise and detailed work on hard and brittle materials. The choice of tool type and specifications depends on the specific task and material being worked on.

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