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6x6 Lapidary Stainless Steel Arbor

6x6 Whees Stainless Steel Arbor

Our 6X6 Stainless Steel Arbor, a high-quality machine designed for the delicate and precise cutting of brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, crystals, and super-hard materials. Constructed entirely from 304 grade Stainless steel , this machine boasts exceptional durability and longevity, with 3/4" Stainless steel shafts and ball bearings ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
Featuring a rear mounting plate and motor hood, our 6X6 Stainless steel Arbor also comes with an adjustable drip water system with 6 valves for each
wheel, mounted on the back of the machine . This system ensures consistent cooling and lubrication during cutting, reducing the risk of damage to your materials and enhancing the precision of your work.
The machine is also equipped with a front drain valve and accepts a range of cutting
wheels , including silicon carbide or diamond wheels and rubber expandable drums. The shaft is tapped for a ¼-20 spin-on polish head at both ends, with the machine supplied with only a right-hand spin-on head.
In terms of price, motor power, quality, workspace, and accessories, our 6X6 Stainless Steel Arbor compares favorably to other leading brands such as Hi-Tech, Lortone, Star Diamond Trim Saw, and Diamond Pacific. With its robust construction, precise cutting capabilities, and versatile range of cutting options, our 6X6 Stainless Steel Arbor is the perfect choice for professionals in the glass, ceramics, crystals, and super-hard materials industries.


The performance of the 6"x6" Stainless steel lapidary machine can be evaluated based on its functionality, durability, and ease of use. Here are key performance aspects:

  1. Functionality: The machine is designed for lapidary tasks, including cutting, shaping, grinding, and polishing gemstones and minerals. It performs these functions effectively with the included diamond grinding wheels and laps. The variety of grits provided allows users to achieve different levels of surface finish and precision.

  2. Durability: Stainless steel construction enhances the machine 's durability and resistance to corrosion. This durability ensures that the machine can withstand the rigors of lapidary work and maintain its performance over time.

  3. Versatility: The machine's  compatibility with different voltage options (220/240/110V) makes it versatile and suitable for various power sources. The included accessories, such as spacers, flanges, and motor pulley, contribute to its versatility.

  4. Ease of Use: The compact dimensions of the machine make it easy to set up in a workspace. It includes a drip water tank for cooling and lubrication, and the provided water pump ensures a consistent water supply. The presence of a motor with a centrifugal switch simplifies operation.

  5. Accessories: The inclusion of diamond grinding wheels , laps, and a prepolishing pad as accessories enhances the machine 's performance. These tools are crucial for achieving desired shapes, smoothness, and finishes on gemstones.

  6. Warranty: The 1-year warranty on both the machine and motor provides assurance of quality and performance.

  7. Noise Level: The machine 's motor noise level of less than 62 dB contributes to a quieter working environment, enhancing user comfort.

  8. Compatibility: The 5/8" Stainless steel shafts and protected ball bearings with a 1" alloy aluminum shafts sleeve allow for compatibility with a variety of 1" arbor wheels , expanding its usability.

  9. Gemstone Quality: The machine 's performance is ultimately judged by its ability to produce high-quality gemstone cuts, shapes, and finishes. Users should achieve professional-quality results with proper technique and the provided diamond abrasives.


The 6"x6" stainless steel machine comes with various features and components suitable for lapidary work. Here's a summary of its features:

  1. Stainless steel Construction: The machine is constructed from durable stainless steel , ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

  2. Shafts and Bearings: It features 3/4" stainless steel shafts with protected ball bearings, providing smooth and reliable operation.

  3. Voltage Options: You have the option to choose from voltage options of 220/240/110V, making it versatile for different power sources.

  4. Compact Dimensions: The machine has compact dimensions, measuring 660mm in width, 330mm in length, and 215mm in height, making it suitable for various workspaces.

  5. Warranty: It comes with a 1-year warranty on both the machine and the motor (motor may ship separately), offering peace of mind for your investment.

  6. Weight: The weight of the machine without the motor and the weight of the motor with a centrifugal switch are specified.

  7. Drip Water Tank: A drip water tank is included to provide a water source for cooling and lubrication during lapidary work.

  8. Accessories: The machine includes spacers, flanges (12 pieces each), and a motor pulley, which are essential components for operation.

  9. Diamond Grinding wheels: The machine comes with a set of 6"x1.5" diamond soft grinding wheels in different grits (280, 600, 1200, 3000) and an 6"x1.5" diamond hard grinding wheel (80, 220). These diamond wheels are essential for shaping and grinding gemstones.

  10. Diamond Standard Faceting Lap: A 6"x1/2" 360-grit diamond standard faceting lap is included for precision faceting work.

  11. Prepolishing Pad: A 6" 14000-grit diamond prepolishing pad is provided to achieve a high-quality surface finish on gemstones.

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Q: What is a 6x6 Wheel Lapidary Stainless Steel Arbor?

A 6x6 wheel lapidary stainless steel arbor is a specific arbor (shaft) designed for use with lapidary grinding wheels that have a 6-inch diameter and a 6-inch width. It's typically made from stainless steel for durability and resistance to rust.
Q: What are the Advantages of a Stainless Steel Arbor?
Durability: Stainless steel is a strong and long-lasting material, well-suited for the stresses of lapidary work. Rust Resistance: Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion, which is important for tools that come into contact with water during lapidary grinding.
Q: Is a 6x6 wheel lapidary stainless steel arbor right for me?
If you have a lapidary grinder that uses 6-inch diameter grinding wheels with a 6-inch width and requires a stainless steel arbor, then this would be a suitable choice. Here are some additional factors to consider: Arbor Size: Double-check the arbor's shaft diameter (e.g., 1/2" or 5/8") to ensure it fits your grinder. Number of Wheels: If you plan to use multiple grinding wheels, you might need additional arbors.
Q: What are Lapidary Grinding Wheels?
Lapidary grinding wheels are abrasive wheels used for shaping, grinding, and polishing gemstones, rocks, minerals, and other hard materials. They come in various grits (levels of coarseness) to achieve different stages of grinding and polishing.
Q: What are some things to consider when using a 6x6 wheel lapidary stainless steel arbor?
Compatibility: Ensure the arbor's diameter and width (likely 1/2" or 5/8") are compatible with your lapidary grinder and the grinding wheels you plan to use. Safety: Always wear appropriate safety gear such as eye protection, gloves, and a respirator when using lapidary equipment. Mounting: Make sure the grinding wheel is securely mounted on the arbor following the manufacturer's instructions. Water Flow: Depending on your lapidary setup, you might need a water flow to cool the grinding wheel and workpiece during operation.
Q: Where can I find a 6x6 wheel lapidary stainless steel arbor?
These arbors can be found from various lapidary equipment suppliers, woodworking stores, or online
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