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Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blades are cutting tools used in a variety of industries for cutting hard and abrasive materials. They are known for their durability and efficiency, and they utilize diamond segments or edges to cut through various materials.

Continuous Rim Blades: These blades have a continuous, smooth edge with diamonds embedded all around. They are often used for cutting glass, as they provide a clean and precise cut without chipping.

  • Sintered Diamond Blades: Sintered blades have diamonds embedded in a metal matrix through a sintering process. They are versatile and used for cutting various brittle materials, including glass, ceramics, and gemstones.

  • Electroplated Blades: Electroplated blades have a single layer of diamonds electroplated onto the edge. They are ideal for applications requiring a high level of precision, such as cutting gemstones. Electroplated blades offer a fine and clean cut.

  • Notched Rim Blades: Notched rim blades have small gaps or notches along the rim, allowing for better cooling and debris removal. These blades are used for cutting glass and other brittle materials, as they minimize chipping and heat buildup.

  • Slant Turbo Blades: Slant turbo blades have a slanted or serrated rim with alternating segments. This design enhances cooling and cutting efficiency, making them suitable for harder brittle materials like gemstones.

  • Ring Saw Blades: Ring saw blades are circular blades with a smooth, continuous rim. They are designed for intricate and curved cuts in materials like glass and ceramics. The ring shape allows for precise maneuverability.

  • Thinner Blades: Some diamond blades designed for lapidary work and cutting thin sections of gemstones are thinner and more delicate. They are used for precise, intricate cuts in softer materials.

  • Specialized Glass Blades: Specific diamond saw blades are designed exclusively for glass cutting. These blades are optimized for cutting flat glass, stained glass, and glass tiles, minimizing chipping and producing a polished edge.

  • Trim Saw Blades: Trim saw blades are small-diameter blades used in lapidary work for cutting smaller pieces of gemstone rough. They come in various designs, including continuous rim and notched rim styles.

  • Resin-Bonded Blades: These blades have diamonds embedded in a resin matrix. They are commonly used in lapidary work for cutting and shaping gemstones. Resin-bonded blades provide a smooth and precise cut.

  • Covington Blades: Covington blades are well-known in the lapidary industry. They come in various designs and are used for cutting, shaping, and grinding gemstones.

  • Specialized Gem Cutting Blades: These blades are designed for cutting and shaping specific gemstones, such as those used in the jewelry industry. They are tailored to the hardness and characteristics of each type of gemstone.


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Q: What is a Diamond Saw Blade?
A: A Lapidary Glass Diamond Saw Blade is a specialized cutting tool designed specifically for cutting glass in lapidary and glassworking applications. It features a circular blade with diamond abrasive particles bonded to the edge for precise and clean cutting.
 Q: What types of glass can be cut with a Diamond Saw Blade?
A: Lapidary Glass Diamond Saw Blades are suitable for cutting a wide range of glass materials, including stained glass, fused glass, glass tiles, and glass bottles. They can also be used for cutting other brittle materials like ceramics and porcelain.
Q: What are the key features of a Diamond Saw Blade?
A: Lapidary Glass Diamond Saw Blades are characterized by their high-quality diamond abrasives, precision cutting capabilities, and long-lasting performance. They are engineered to provide smooth, chip-free cuts on glass materials.
Q: What are the primary applications of a Diamond Saw Blade?
A: Lapidary Glass Diamond Saw Blades are commonly used in lapidary work, glass artistry, glass fabrication, and jewelry making. They are ideal for cutting glass into various shapes and sizes for use in jewelry, artwork, and architectural installations.
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