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Lapidary Faceting Head Mast Arm

Lapidary and Faceting Equipment
Lapidary  Faceting Equipment

Lapidary Gemstone Jade Jewelry tools Faceting Machine Arms Gemstone faceting mechanical arm Head gemstone polishing arm:gem Faceting Machine Grinding Faceted manipulator Head jewels playing angle flat mill polishing stone angles 96 index wheels handle , it is complete set as below first picture, option is for choosen the degree.

New Faceting machine Mast, We Assembly with course and fine height adjustment and 96 index. The mast is 11" tall and the quill assembly is 7 1/4 inches long and accepts 6mm dop sticks. Many thousands of stones are cut commercially every day with this type of heavy duty and easy to use machine . This is the machine that is used to cut the better quality commercial stones.

For commercial production cutting or hobby faceting or that graduation gift for your daughter and the anniversary gift for the wife this is a great affordable machine .This machine does not come with a motor or base, it requires your motorized base.

Faceting Head or Mast:

  1. Mast or Arm: The mast or arm is a vertical or angled post that supports the faceting head. It is typically adjustable in height and angle to provide versatility in faceting gemstones.

  2. Faceting Head: The faceting head is attached to the mast or arm and holds the gemstone during the cutting and polishing process. It can be rotated to various angles and positions to align the gemstone with the cutting wheel.

  3. Dop Stick: Gemstones are mounted onto dop sticks, which are secured to the faceting head. These sticks hold the gemstone in place while allowing for precise adjustments in rotation and angle.

  4. Angle Indicators: Many faceting heads have angle indicators or scales that help lapidaries set the desired angles for each facet. This ensures uniform and precise faceting.

  5. Index Gears: Index gears on the faceting head allow lapidaries to rotate the gemstone to different positions for cutting and polishing different facets.


Faceting heads and masts are essential for precision gemstone cutting and faceting. Here's how they are used:

  1. Faceting: Lapidaries use the faceting head and mast to hold the gemstone at specific angles while grinding and polishing facets. Each facet must be cut at the correct angle and orientation to maximize the gem's brilliance and sparkle.

  2. Angle Adjustment: The adjustable mast and faceting head allow lapidaries to set and fine-tune the angles at which they cut each facet. This precision is critical for achieving desired gemstone shapes and optical properties.

  3. Rotation: The ability to rotate the gemstone ensures that facets are evenly distributed around the gem's circumference, creating a well-proportioned and symmetrical appearance.

  4. Facet Alignment: The faceting head's angle indicators and index gears help lapidaries maintain consistent facet alignment, ensuring a professionally cut gemstone.

  5. Polishing : After the initial cutting, the faceting head is used to hold the gemstone in place while the lapidary polishes each facet to a high luster.

Faceting machines equipped with adjustable faceting heads and masts are used by lapidaries and gemstone cutters to create gemstones with precision-cut facets. The ability to control angles, rotation, and alignment is crucial in achieving the desired appearance and value in faceted gemstones.


  1. Accuracy and Precision: A high-quality mast arm ensures precise and accurate adjustments for cutting angles and facet alignments. This precision is critical in achieving desired gemstone cuts and angles.

  2. Stability and Rigidity: It should offer stability and rigidity to maintain consistent cutting and polishing actions, preventing unnecessary movement or vibrations during the faceting process.

  3. Smooth Adjustments: The ease of adjustments, rotation, and angular movements is crucial. A well-designed mast arm allows for smooth and controlled movements, enabling lapidarists to make minute alterations for fine cuts.

  4. Compatibility and Versatility: Performance includes compatibility with different faceting machine models and versatility to accommodate various gemstone shapes and sizes, supporting different facets and cuts.

  5. Durability and Longevity: A durable mast arm, constructed from quality materials, ensures longevity and resilience against regular use and wear, sustaining its performance over time.

  6. Ergonomics: Comfort and usability are essential. An ergonomic design provides ease of use, reducing fatigue during extended faceting sessions.

  7. Supports Faceting Process: Ultimately, the mast arm's performance is evaluated by its ability to support and enhance the entire gemstone faceting process, from initial rough shaping to final polishing, contributing to the overall quality of the finished gemstone.


  1. Precise Gemstone Faceting: The mast arm holds the faceting head, which allows for precise positioning and alignment during the cutting and polishing process of gemstones.

  2. Adjustability: It offers adjustability and control over the angle, rotation, and orientation of the gemstone being cut or polished.

  3. Faceting Machine Integration: It integrates with a faceting machine's main body, facilitating the movement and manipulation of the gemstone against the grinding and polishing wheels.

  4. Support for Various Cuts: Enables the creation of different facets and shapes on gemstones, allowing lapidarists to achieve various cuts like brilliant cuts, step cuts, or specialty cuts.

  5. Faceting Precision: Maintains the necessary stability and rigidity to ensure accuracy and precision in cutting angles and facet alignments.

  6. Facilitates Faceting Process: Provides the necessary support and structure for lapidary artisans to carry out the entire faceting process effectively, from rough shaping to final polishing.

In essence, the Lapidary Faceting Head Mast Arm is an essential part of a faceting machine, enabling lapidary artists to execute intricate and precise cuts, enhancing the brilliance and beauty of gemstones.

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