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Diamond Abrasive Resin Bond products are made with a patented method engineered to produce an extremely uniform finish. In particular our super fine micron sized diamond pre-polishing products are designed to produce a finish that polishes quickly and easily. In less critical applications or less demanding materials the finish off of our super-abrasive resin bonded products can be left without proceeding to a final

Our resin diamond abrasive beltsresin diamond grinding wheels, resin diamond grinding discs and other products are produced with the most advanced coating process to ensure the best product quality and performance.

Our Diamond Resin wheels, lapidary Resin grinding wheels, 4 inch Resin lapidary wheels, 6 inch Resin lapidary wheelsand other products are made of high-quality resin diamond materials, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance and durability, and can be widely used in jade, gemstones, grinding and polishing of materials such as ceramics and glass.

Our lapidary Resin polishing wheelsResin bonded diamond wheelsResin diamond wheels, rez diamond soft lapidary wheelsrez diamond wheels and other products adopt professional resin formula and coating process to make the products have excellent grinding and polishing effects, which can be Widely used in the processing and polishing of gemstones, jade, ceramics, glass and other materials.

Our diamond lapidary belts, Resin belt lapidary, lapidary sanding belts and other products are made of high-strength Resin materials and high-quality diamond grit, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance and durability, and can be widely used in jade, gemstones, ceramics, grinding and polishing of glass and other materials.

Our lapidary diamond pads, lapidary polishing pads, lapidary polishing discs, diamond lapidary discs and other products are made of high-quality Resin material and diamond grit, which have excellent grinding and polishing effects, and can be widely used in gemstones, jade, ceramics , glass and other materials processing and polishing .

Our Resin lapidary Belt, lapidary diamond pads, diamond smoothing pads, diamond abrasive pads and other products adopt professional Resin formula and coating process, so that the products have the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance and durability, and can be widely used in jade, gemstones, grinding and polishing of materials such as ceramics and glass.

Our products have excellent performance and quality, and are widely used in the processing and polishing of jade, gemstones, ceramics, glass and other materials, and are well received by users. We will continue to provide high-quality products and high-quality services to our customers.

Key Features:

  1. Diamond Abrasive: Diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, making it an ideal choice for cutting and grinding applications. Diamond Resin bonded tools feature synthetic diamond grains that provide outstanding cutting and grinding capabilities.

  2. Resin Bond: The diamond grains are held together by a Resin bond, which can be customized for different hardness levels. This bond ensures the proper retention of diamond particles and offers excellent wear resistance.

  3. Versatility: Diamond Resin bonded tools can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, concrete, stones, composites, and more, making them highly versatile for various applications.

  4. Precision: These tools provide precise and consistent results, making them suitable for applications that require tight tolerances and fine finishes.

  5. Durability: Diamond Resin bonded tools have a long lifespan due to the hardness of diamond and the resilience of the Resin bond, reducing the need for frequent tool replacements.

  6. Cooler Cutting: The resin bond helps dissipate heat during cutting or grinding , reducing the risk of overheating the workpiece and maintaining the tool's effectiveness.

  7. Customization: Diamond Resin bonded tools can be customized in terms of shape, size, and abrasive concentration to suit specific applications and cutting or grinding requirements.


  1. Metalworking: Diamond Resin bonded tools are used for cutting and grinding various metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys. They are valuable in tasks such as precision machining, tool and die production, and metal fabrication.

  2. Stone and Concrete Cutting: In the construction industry, these tools are employed to cut and shape natural stone, concrete, and masonry materials for building and renovation projects.

  3. Glass Processing: Diamond Resin bonded tools are crucial for the precise cutting and shaping of glass, including glass panels, bottles, and optical lenses.

  4. Ceramic and Tile Industry: These tools are used to cut and shape ceramics and tiles, ensuring clean edges and accurate dimensions for installation.

  5. Composites Machining: In aerospace and automotive industries, diamond Resin bonded tools are used to machine composite materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and fiberglass.

  6. Precision Machining: Manufacturers in various industries rely on diamond Resin bonded tools for precision machining of components that demand fine surface finishes and tight tolerances.

  7. Jewelry Making: Diamond Resin bonded tools are used by jewelry artisans for cutting and shaping gemstones and precious metals in jewelry design and production.

  8. Electronic and Semiconductor Industry: In the electronics sector, these tools are employed for precision cutting and grinding in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers and electronic components.

  9. Optics Manufacturing: Diamond Resin bonded tools play a critical role in the production of optical components like lenses, prisms, and mirrors.

  10. Automotive Industry: These tools are used in the automotive sector for various tasks, including engine block machining, brake rotor grinding , and cylinder head cutting.

Diamond Resin bonded tools are indispensable in industries that require precision cutting and grinding of hard and brittle materials. Their versatility and durability make them essential tools for achieving accurate results in a wide range of applications.

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