Stone&Construction industry

The Stone & Construction industry has been the backbone market for HANS,has brought a large number of innovative grinding and polishing solutions to the market. Examples are polishing abrasives, fleixble abrasive and diamond abrasive the first ever dry grinding and polishing tools,  polishing discs and many more. 

  • Edge Shaping: These aggressive tools are well-suited for high production environments: Metal Bond Cupwheels, Routers and Form Wheels etc.

  • Edge Polishing: Abrasives wheel,pad,Diamond Wheel,Diamond Handpads and Diamond Strips are dependable, long-lasting industry leaders that work well on all stones.

  • Surface Polishing: diamond discs and pads grind, hone and polish a wide variety of surfaces

  • Floor Polishing: We offer a wide of grits to select to grind, hone, and polish stone floors. which are designed for surface grinding, do their job on everything from glass and stone to composites and concrete.

  • Buffing:  Felt Buffing Discs achieve a high-gloss finish on any stone color or composition.

  • Shaping: We provide everything for scarfing, shaping, defurring, feathering and finishing stone surfaces and diamond discs,pads, and Belts etc.

  • Custom Edging & Grinding: we design and manufacture a wide array of special solutions that make use of your existing machinery to perform the most exacting and precise work, while simplifying your fabrication process and reducing your labor costs.

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