Flexible Diamond Flap Wheel Disc

Diamond flap wheel disc consists of the base and several flaps on the base. Usually, the base is usually made of plastic and aluminum, while the flaps consist of the diamond layer, supporting layer and cloth base backing, and are overlapping sequenced along the base around. When diamond flap wheel disc rotating at high speed, the grinding heat is transferred to the supporting layer, and the supporting layer can quickly dissipate heat and keep the adhesive performance between cloth base backing and the base, avoiding the flap drop.

115mm (4-1/2") Diamond Flap Disc 22.23mm Bore

For rapid sanding of all types of masonry. Great for removal of coatings, sealers and cleaning stone. 

Amazing honing speed on marble.

Aluminium body for rapid cooling and light weight.

22.23mm 7/8" bore fits popular grindersSpecifications of Diamond Flap Disc Wheel:

Diamond Abrasive Flap Disc.jpg
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