Diamond Cutting Saw Blade

HANS was a professional diamond cutting tools includes diamond saw blades for glass lapidary tile Jewerly Stone and porcelain manufacturer. We have superior equipment, self-contained testing systems and strong technical capacity.  Our cutting tools, grinding tools and drilling tools are widely used in the processing of stone materials, ceramics, glass, seashell, fire-retardant materials, concrete and asphalt.  Through our use of technology, we are dedicated to offering you better diamond tool solutions.

Economical Coutinues Rim Blades

January 03, 2023

These new Diamond Economical Coutinues Rim Blades have diamond throughout the edge and cut aggressively. blades also last a long time, because the diamond isn't just plated on top of the rim. Instead, diamond particles are incorporated into the actual metal of the rim. Cut blades up to 10" in diameter work great with water, but we advise using an additive such as Lube Cool 4800. If you use oil, these long-lasting blades will last even longer! Cut blades have a continuous rim.

Precision Sineterd Saw Blades

February 23, 2023

Diamond Precision Continuous Rim Lapidary Blade is a professional quality blade manufactured using a high concentration of premium grade industrial diamonds.  These blades will cut faster than regular notched rim blades and the smaller size thin core blades can be used when cutting valuable materials to minimize loss of material.  A full diamond sintered blade, The BD 303 blades can be used with rust inhibiting water coolants although oil coolants will result in longer blade life. 

Diamond Saw Blades Stone&Construction industry

January 01, 2020

Diamond Saw Blades Construction industry

Diamond Saw Blades Stone&Construction industry

January 01, 2020

Diamond Saw Blades Stone&Construction industry

Red Thin Rim Sintered Diamond Saw Blade

May 28, 2023

These thin rim sintered diamond sawblades last longer than notched blades.The diamonds (325#/400#) are secured into a metal bond that extends the full depth of the rim. Diamonds are continuously exposed as the edge of the blade wears away cut after cut. They offer a long life and clean, thin cuts. Click to enlarge the image to see a close-up of the diamonds secured in the rim.


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