Dentistry Market

 In Medical, Nanodiamond is being used to carry cancer killing drugs directly into tumors and new polycrystalline diamond prosthetics make for longer joint life and smoother operation. Many other applications can be found with surgical diamond knives and slicing tools for sample examinations and evaluation.

Use these extra-thin, extra-strong diamond coated metal strips to start the interproximal finishing process, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the interproximal contacts. These versatile strips slide through the tight interproximal areas with no damage due to their gapped center and thinness, plus they are extremely malleable allowing them to adapt to the contoured proximal surface.

HANS Diamond Abrasive Model Trimming Wheel brings the most advanced abrasive technology to the dental laboratory. The 100% diamond grinding surface cuts with superior speed and consistency, and provides a smoother finish than similar grades of other abrasive media.
Hans diamond dental Bur cut faster and clean easier than other leading manufacturers due to the unique grit application process, which helps reduce clogging and improves cutting efficiency.

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